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About me

The names Axniety! I'm currently 20 years old and just freshly out of high school! I am a transmasc and my pronouns are he/they! I can be a fun guy to be around with and I do love making new friends! So don't be shy to hit me up on my social media platforms!



Just a reminder I will only be taking voice acting commissions for now until I can better at my art skills

PricesVocals (per word) - $1.00
Comic dub (per page) - $2.00
Fanfiction reading (per sentence) - $3.00

ExtraPre existing voice - free
Custom voice - free

Voice Impressions I Can DoUndetale/Deltarune
Flowey (UT)
Asriel (UT)
Toriel (UT/DR)
Monster Kid (UT/DR)
Muffet (UT)
Alphys (UT/DR)
Temmie (UT)
Catty (UT/DR)
Bratty (UT/DR)
Ralsei (DR)
Susie (DR)
Kris (DR)
Jevil (DR)
Lancer (DR)
Queen (DR)
Catti (DR)
Terezi Pyrope
Nepeta Leoijon
Feferi Peixes
Kanaya Maryam
Rose Lalonde
Jade Harley
Roxy Lalonde
Jane Crocker
Steven Universe
Nintendo Franchise
Kirby (Kirby Series)
Princess Peach (Mario Series)
Bowser JR (Mario Series)
Pikachu (Pokemon Series)
Eevee (Pokemon Series)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon Series)
Squirtle (Pokemon Series)
Young Link (Legend of Zelda Series)
Skull Kid (Legend of Zelda Series)
Sega Franchise
Tails (Sonic Series)
Omochao (Sonic Series)
Amy Rose (Sonic Series)
Charmy Bee (Sonic Series)
Rouge (Sonic Series)
If there is a voice not on here but yet you think would fit my voice range, please let me know

Will Do
Will Not Do
Song covers

Examples Of My Work

Equipment I useBlue Yeti Snowball microphone

Note that I only accept Paypal and payment is up front, if you are interested then please dm me on discord, my discord is axniety#6923 and we will discuss more in dm